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3C’s services of Logistics Bazaar Pvt Ltd allow Buyer to get the Transparent, Faire and Instant digital options to get the multiple choice of Seller and their quotation for all type of International or Domestic logistics services. Simultaneously 3C’s Services also helps Seller of Logistics Services to reach lakhs of global Services Buyer registered with Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd and show them their best possible quote and get bookings on the basis of their offered quote and service option.

For this services registered user of Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd do not need to pay any commission or brokerage to anyone. With Online Logistics Aggregator Services, Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd provide a platform where Buyer and Seller of Logistics Services interact and transact with each other and decide the further Terms & Conditions. Buyer (Exporter – Importer) get the list of multiple Service options ranked by cost and Seller ( All types of Logistic Service Providers) get platform to show and share their best possible freight with maximum customer without hard core Sales Team.