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Fumigation and Phytosinatory.

Most of the food cargo need fumigation and Phytosinatory certificate from concern government or private agency offices during export. Without these certification there are chances of delay in issuing of LEO, rejection of cargo by the importer or Custom of country of import or heavy penalties by the custom officials. This essential certification is not easily available for every exporter specially small and new one. Also tough for vendors of such type of service to compete and share the costing.

Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd. give equal, fair and win - win chance to both exporters and vendors to interact with each other on transparent online platform and complete the Buy – Sell activity instantly.

How to Use Fumigation & Phytosinatory Services

Step 1 login to www.logisticsbazaar.com
Step 2 Go to 3C’S Service option in your Dashboard.
Step 3 Click on the Fumigation/Phyto Button available in 3C’s Services.
Step 4 Fill the form with detail and nature of cargo and click Submit button.
Step 5 Choose the best quote from the multiple option and Book the service.