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Inventory Report Services

During planning of any international logistics services availability of container inventory near to stuffing location plays important role to manage the logistics cost and timely execution. Due to lack of container inventory report we miss the planned schedule and pay more for the same.

Inventory report services offered by Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd. give exact and real-time Port /CFS/ICD wise container inventory report which helps user to finalize the carrier and freight.

How to Use Inventory Report Services

Step 1 login to www.logisticsbazaar.com
Step 2 Go to 3C’S Service option in your Dashboard.
Step 3 Click on the Inventory Report Button available in 3C’s Services.
Step 4 Choose the desired ICD/CFS/PORT as per your stuffing location.
Step 5 View the real time Container Inventory report and plan accordingly.