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Trade and Custom News


Trade and custom News

In our Logistic Industry Custom and Shipping related Rules & Regulation Change frequently. And it is must to keep updated with current Trends, Circulars and Government Policies which affect your logistic planning. Shipping & Custom related circulars are official announcement issued by the Port Authorities, Shipping / Airlines and Government to provide clarification, guidance and updates on various aspects of Marine and custom law.

Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd providing all types of latest Trade and custom related news. Latest Trade & Custom News services, helps customer to,

  • 1. To keep updated with all recent Compliances related to Trade, Customs & Government.
  • 2. Provide Clarity on various aspects of Marine, Customs & Government related laws.
  • 3. By staying updated with all types of Circulars and policies of Marine and Trade, individual and businesses can have a better Understanding of the Marine and custom laws and regulations and this can help them in making informed decisions.
  • 4. Non-compliances with Marine & Trade laws can attract delay, fine & penalties. Through keep updated with latest laws individual and businesses can avoid such type of delay in shipments, fine & penalties.

So stay keep updated with latest Trade, Custom and Government policies through website, E-mail subscription and other mode of Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd.