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Tariff Rate

Tariff Rate facility available in the 3C’S services of Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd allow user to view and download the published charges of Carrier and operator like, Shipping line, Airline, Railway, Port , ICD ( Inland Container Depo), CFS ( Container Freight Station) and others. Tariff rates are those charges which have longer validity and it do not vary shipment to shipment for the same cargo within stipulated time period.

Type of Tariff Rate
  1. 1. Inland Haulage Charges (EXIM).
  2. 2. Local Charges of Shipping and Airline (EXIM).
  3. 3. THC (Terminal Handling Charges) of ICD, CFS & Port (EXIM).
  4. 4. Detention & Demurrage Slab of different Carrier, ICD & CFS (EXIM).
  5. 5. Handling, Storage and other available service charges of ICD & CFS (EXIM).
  6. 6. Export Rail & Truck Freight of Private Rail Operator or ICD (Inland Container Depo).

How to View Tariff Rate

Step 1 login to www.logisticsbazaar.com
Step 2 Go to 3C’S Service option in your Dashboard.
Step 3 Click on the Tariff Rate Button available in 3C’S option.
Step 4 Click on Radio button to select ZONE or Region in India.
Step 5 Now Choose the Tariff Rate category from dropdown option.