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There are multiple Tools and Format require during SCM or Logistics Planning and these types of tools and format are not easily available to everyone. Logistics Bazaar Pvt Ltd made it easy and giving opportunity to all industry members and needy to access all types of Custom document format and Tools used during logistic Planning. This Service is available for FREE for everyone and anyone can view, use and download it with or without login.

Types of Tools & Format
  1. 1. INCO Terms 2010.
  2. 2. INCO Terms 2020.
  3. 3. List of Sea Port.
  4. 4. List of Airport.
  5. 5. Container Specification.
  6. 6. Unit Load Device (ULD) Specification.
  7. 7. World Clock.
  8. 8. Unit Converter.
  9. 9. CBM Calculator.
  10. 10. Custom & Shipping related Sample Documents and Formats.
  11. 11. HSN Code Detail.
  12. 12. Glossary – Shipping.

How to View Tools & Format

Step 1 login to www.logisticsbazaar.com
Step 2 Go to 3C’S Service option in your Dashboard.
Step 3 Click on the Tools & Format Button available in 3C’s option.
Step 4 Click on the option as per requirement from the list.
Step 5 Now view or download as per choice.