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Vessel Schedule Services

Vessel Schedule decide the Ocean Freight and Transit time of any Exim shipment. Finalizing the Shipping line without knowing schedule of planned vessel create uncomfortable situation when it do not match with expected transit time or routing after sailing of vessel.

Under 3C’s Services of Logistic Bazaar Pvt Ltd user can view the list of vessel schedule between port to port or Country to Country. It helps user to decide and book the Container as per required SCM or logistic plan.

How to Use Vessel Schedule Services

Step 1 login to www.logisticsbazaar.com
Step 2 Go to 3C’S Service option in your Dashboard.
Step 3 Click on the Vessel Schedule Button available in 3C’s Services.
Step 4 Fill the FORM with detail of Origin Port, Destination Port and carrier.
Step 5 View the list of next available Vessel Schedule containing total Transit time and Routing.